Troy Capital, LLC

"We turn challenges into opportunities ethically, compliantly and profitably"
We are a RMA certified national debt buyer.
As our slogan states, Troy Capital's business philosophy is all about turning challenges into opportunities and by that we mean "opportunities" for everyone who partners with us in one way or another. Whether you are a creditor, a debt buyer, a broker, an attorney, a debt collection company, or some combination thereof, you face the same challenges we do, no matter what size your business is or what your niche in the marketplace chain is. So, what we do has to work for all involved.
Our future is very bright. The challenges that have caused many in the debt buying ranks to pull back or bow out, are things we have turned into opportunities because we have not stood still waiting to see what happens. Rather, we have aggressively yet innovatively created ways to control our own destiny to the greatest possible extent.


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Rance Willey - Chief Compliance Officer Email:
Re-Certification 2023 (P1311-1013)
State of Nevada Collection Agency License
No.: CAD11111
State of Nevada Compliance Manager License
No.: CM12419
State of Nevada Compliance Manager License
No.: CM12756

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