About Us

We are well positioned to be high value partner for those who are looking for ways to maximize their return on past and/or future investment, as well as having a high comfort level that their reputations and assets will be as protected as they can be in today's environment.

Know also that we back up our assertions with proven results in all areas that matter: profitability, compliance, ethical practices, data security, and operational and strategic experience and expertise. We accomplished what we have because of how we have embraced necessary changes and overcome many of the challenges we as an industry face. Yes, we found ways to turn challenges into opportunities and it has paid off for us and our seller partners.

We were one of the first debt buyers to obtain the RMA initial certification and one of the first to pass its rigorous third party two year re-certification audit. In nearly three years, we have received only three CFPB inquiries, all of which were deemed baseless.